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                    Product center Research and Development Enterprises Specializing in Design, Research and Development.
                    About us Long-term commitment to research and development of automation products and other fields.

                    Company profile

                    Kunshan long Zhaoyu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is a modern high-tech Co., Ltd. which produces aseptic filling machine, tubular sterilizer and aseptic bag filling machine. The company mainly focuses on entity sales, aims to build a large integrated platform of global food processing equipment industry, and takes providing customers with value creating products as its mission...

                    • 10

                      Been developing for decades

                    • 50

                      Fifty Counterpart Professional Employees

                    • 90

                      More than 100 strategic partners


                    Corporate culture Sincerity Responsibility Innovate Thanksgiving

                    News center
                    • 21 2019-04
                      Precautions for maintenance of aseptic filling mac... IV. Hall element: also known as magnetic switch, it is the original pa...
                    • 14 2019-04
                      Aseptic filling machine can be sterilized by using... Aseptic filling machine when food and drug are constantly polluted by ...
                    • 26 2019-02
                      Types of aseptic filling machines Type of aseptic filling machine:At present, the main types of steriliz...
                    • 26 2019-02
                      Equipment performance and technical index of asept... Performance and technical index of aseptic filling machine.1. Provide ...
                    Contact us

                    电话.png Service hotline: 400-9918-121

                    网址.png Website: www.gglampang.com

                    地址.png Address: Room 2, No. 99, jimingtang South Road, Huaqiao Town, Kunshan City


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